Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Series Spotlight @NatashaAWetzel - Otherworldly Prophecies series by Natasha A. Wetzel

If you don’t know me, I like to help my author friends.  Met a new friend recently :)  I wish I had time to read this series right now because it sounds interesting, but I have other obligations right now.  I did want to share the series though because you might not have seen this series :)  So check it out :)

Starving Blades
Otherworldly Prophecies #1

by Natasha Ann Wetzel

Goodreads blurb:  Intoxicated, depressed, cynical and alone. Sounds like an ending rather than a beginning and Angelique Le'Count thought so too. Until rash thinking sends him in pursuit of his ex girlfriend and spirals him into a chain of events that all point to disaster. Can he remember how to be the man he once was, battle his inner demons, and make the sacrifices to stop it? Considering that there are angry werewolves, crazed demons and snippy spirits, it would seem the world is giving Angelique a run for his money. But this is just the beginning of an Otherworldly Prophecy…

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About the Author:  I am a self published Author. You can follow me on my facebook, or send me a message, a bit new to this. But, I'm a mother of two, I can handle anything! ^_^
I write, Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Paranormal, Drama and Adventure!

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 The Animal Within
Otherworldly Prophecies #2

Goodreads blurb:  The never ending vacation of a powerful but lazy shifter, Convel, is put on hold when unwanted responsibility is forced into his lap instead of the women he is accustomed to. Laws are being broken that threaten the entire community and it is up to him to end it before his people are ended instead. What starts as an annoying chore will grow into an adventure that will test him to his very core. And in the end it may just be a decision in one single moment that awakens the animal within.

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