Friday, December 13, 2013

Clean Teen Publishing wants to be your Secret Santa! @CleanTeenPub

Special Announcement from 

Clean Teen Publishing :)

Our team and our authors at Clean Teen Publishing want to give back to our fans for Christmas. Follow our blog by e-mail to receive a special present on Christmas Eve from Clean Teen Publishing! 
Every follower will have through the end of the day on Christmas to claim their prize. So make sure you sign up to follow Clean Teen Publishing's blog by email. 

 Mr. Squirrel is BACK!!!! 

That's right! Mr. Squirrel is back and he's hiding on our website somewhere. Go to  and be one of the first 5 people to find Mr. Squirrel to receive a special prize! (The squirrel will look exactly like the image above, although he may be flipped around. The squirrel on the Year of Free Books picture doesn't count and neither do the pictures of the squirrel on our blog. There is only one hidden squirrel on one of the pages of our website.) 

 Make sure to email us his location and your choice of prize in case you are one of the first five to win!

Prizes will be winner's choice of either a: 
Clean Teen Publishing wrist band, 
bookmark of your choice, 
or an e-book of your choice.


*Thank you for the cute Christmas squirrel pic! 

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